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Organic Pastured Chicken

Written By Mom's Happy Farm on Wednesday, February 11, 2015 | 15:21

What makes Organic Pastured Chicken the healthy choice!

Long gone are the days when grocery shopping was an easy and trivial activity. With the immense variety of products being bombarded to consumers, stepping in to a supermarket can be quite overwhelming these days. Head on to the frozen food aisle, and your faced with a wide array of chicken choices from: “all-natural”, “pro-bio”, “hormone-free”, “free-range” and many others. All those marketing terms may lead you to wonder, “What’s organic chicken then? Is it worth the premium?"

As defined by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), organic food is defined as “food that is produced without using most conventional pesticides; fertilisers made with synthetic ingredients or sewage sludge; bioengineering; or ionising radiation.” Meats, like chicken or pork, are fed with organic feeds and organic vegetation for their entire lives. They are not injected vaccines, antibiotics, or hormones, and are provided with outdoor access to freely roam and enjoy life in their natural habitat. Products labeled otherwise (“all-natural”, “pro-bio”, “hormone-free”, etc.) do not necessarily mean that they were fed organic feed or given adequate space to wander.

For a chicken to be considered organic, these standards have to be met:

• The birds must be raised organically no later than two days after they hatch;
• They must be fed organic feeds and natural vegetation for the duration of their lives. 
• The birds cannot be given vaccines, antibiotics, growth hormones, and other additives.
• Finally, they must have access to the great outdoors and not live on an elevated platform.

Mambatangan Organic Meats abides by the principles of organic agriculture. Animals are raised in a stress-free, green environment, allowing them to freely graze on the ground and not on elevated platforms; to feed on natural vegetation on the green fields and enjoy life in their natural habitat. They do not receive antibiotics, hormones, chemicals or other substances that are commonly administered to conventionally-raised animals.

 MOM’s Happy Farm  Chickens are healthier - LOW IN FAT,  LOW IN CHOLESTEROL, HIGH IN PROTEIN, and contain an essential amount of OMEGA 3. So, if you are health-conscious, if you have dietary sensitivities, and if you care about the environment and welfare of animals, GO ORGANIC! Try our healthy and flavourful organic, pastured chicken and pork, and tell us what you think!!!


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