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Organic Pastured Pork

Written By Mom's Happy Farm on Sunday, February 15, 2015 | 14:15

Here at MOM's Happy Farm we care for our pigs well-being by providing them their natural habitat;
the open field where they can pasture and wallow in the mud as they please. Our pigs are Grass Fed and also enjoy a balanced diet of organically grown produce such as; Cassava, Okra, Moringa commonly known as malunggay and other fruits and vegetables that are readily harvested within the farm. MOM's Pigs live an organic lifestyle and are fed organic food which gives them a healthy natural resistance to diseases and infections. So, if you want to be healthy be like our pigs or at least eat MOM's organic pork. Join us on our mission to provide "FOOD with INTEGRITY" through community-supported agriculture and sustainable organic farming practices.


About Mom's Happy Farm

A Biodynamic Organic farm based in Bukidnon, Philippines specialised in Organic Pastured Pork and Organic Pastured Chicken.