About Us

Established in 2013, MOM's Happy Farm is a Biodynamic Organic, free-range producer of poultry and hogs. Abiding to the principle of organic agriculture, our animals are raised in a stress-free and green environment where they are able to freely graze and feed upon the vegetation. Free of growth hormones, antibiotics, and other additives commonly found in conventionally raised animals, our products provide solutions to health conscious consumers with specific dietary conditions and sensitivities.

Our Mission

To be a sincere and responsible farm adhering to the principles of organic agriculture, committed to produce and provide the community genuine high quality organic meats.

Our Vision

To be the leading organic farm in the country, that maintains a holistic and sustainable business, and to become an innovative institution of global excellence that inspires and supports farming and health.

Our Commitment

·      To practice sustainable agriculture
·      To introduce to farmers an innovative and sustainable business modality
·      To provide the market with quality organic foods
·      To respect Mother Nature and protect the ecological environment by adhering to sustainable organic farming
·      To support the livelihood and well-being of other farmers in the community

Our Core Values

·      Sincerity and commitment to quality
·      Responsibility to agriculture and farmers
·      Health and happiness

Contact Us to learn more about our organic products and how we can work together for a greener future.